Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some New Collages

It has been really hot here this week, been staying in so I finished a couple of new pieces.
This one has a western theme.   I used a lot of different old fabrics on it. 

I love old books, so on this one I used covers of three different books.  The picture is of my Great Aunt Belle.  I spent many happy days with her as a child so really enjoyed using her photo.

Both of these are going in the Etsy Shop. 

Hugs, Jackie

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun Trip and Plunder Palace

Last week was  hubby and I's 35th Wedding Anniversary.  We usually don't do anything special, figure still being together and quite happy is special in it's self.  However this year we decided to take a short drive to  Arcadia Valley to check out some antique shops.    Our great room is decorated in a rustic western theme and hubby found some great western goodies in a really cute shop and an old movie camera for his home theater.

The most fun was Plunder Palace.  I was so amazed at the place I forgot to take any pictures.   I could not believe my eyes, it looked like it was about to fall down, junk everywhere.  It was full of everything you could think of, the rows were so narrow you almost had to shuffle through, shelves piled with stuff from floor to ceiling.      I started wandering,  the place went up, down, over, and under.  Thought I had lost hubby, then found him in a dark corner with record albums to the ceiling and 3 little kittens asleep at his feet.  I am going to go back in the fall with my Sis (no air conditioning) early in the morning so we have all day to look around.

I bought this little brass coal bucket and decided to make a pincushion out of it .  Never made one before so it was a learning experience.   Thought it should be simple since it is a coal bucket.   This is what I ended up with.

The hot days of summer are upon us here in Missouri, it reached 100 today, so thought I would share a collage I made  earlier this year with a summer theme.  I believe the second place winner thinks she should have won  from the look on her face. LOL

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Needle Books and Hanging Baskets

We had a great holiday weekend here.  My Sis came down for the weekend...brought me  3 hanging baskets and  a geranium.  A nursery near her had a big sale, for $15.00 you could fill a cart to 8" above the cart with plants.  They are really pretty and was a fun surprise.

We played in the studio most of the weekend.  We each made a needle book.  Mine is on the left and hers is on the right.  


Deb at the sewing machine.

We did take some time to visit one of the antique malls here.  She  found some really pretty old gift wrapping paper......and of course some lace and linens, neither her nor I can pass them up. 

I finally did get an Etsy shop set up, it is on my side bar.  I have been working on some new things to put in it.  Hopefully they will be added in near future.

I have been having trouble with my Internet Explore browser.  I downloaded IE9 and now it keeps telling me something is wrong with the site and it has to be closed and reopened.  It is so annoying, I have been trying to find a fix for it.  May have to go back to my older version.

All is quiet here at the lake after the holiday, so I am going to go out on the deck and enjoy it.  Have a great day.

Hugs, Jackie

Monday, July 4, 2011

Gifts in the Mail

I wanted to share with all of you the great gifts I got in the mail on Saturday.  I received my matchbox from Becky at Rebecca Rose Designs.  It was a swap for Bloggerette Sorority. It is beautiful.  She didn't just send one matchbox, but a double decker!  My pictures do not do it justice.  She put in so many super things.  I love anything vintage and the boxes were full of vintage.  Gorgeous seam binding, velvet ribbon, laces, jewelry. buttons and a  frozen Charlotte.  Everything was packaged so beautifully and came with a very pretty handmade card.  It came wrapped in linen and crocheted doily with green seam binding and such pretty flowers on the bow.  Thank you so much Becky, it was perfect.

Oh, but then there was another box.  It was the giveaway that I won from Kim at Tabby's Place.  It was a wonderful gift.  She had put so many things in the box.  Fabric, paper ephemera, silk ribbon dye, clay, flowers and a CD with vintage holiday pics, just to mention a few.  I can't wait to try the dye and the CD has so many great vintage postcards on it.  Hope you can see everything in the picture. Thank you so much Kim, it was fabulous.


My Sis was here for the weekend.  We had a great time, spent most of it in the studio playing.  I will save that for tomorrow's post.  Happy 4th of July to all my United States friends and happy Monday to everyone else.

Hugs, Jackie