Friday, January 20, 2012

Old and Chippy

Today I just have to share what I got.  It's old, black and chipped and I love it.  It's an old hutch I found at the antique mall where sis and I have a booth.  Parts of it are missing ..doors, but it fits my needs perfectly.  Hubby put some shelves in the left side  for me and the drawers were gone so he made shelves out of them.  Had to completely rearrange the room AGAIN, finally all done so here it is.

I have had time to get a few things done.  I put all of these in our booth.

I am going to Deb's this weekend and we are going to the monthly flea market.  Hope to find lots of treasures.  It is going to be pretty cold, so don't know how many of the outdoor folks will be there..that's where we find the best bargains.  We went to an auction a couple of weeks ago, got some real bargains. 

Everyone have a great weekend, I'll be back with treasures to show you I hope.   Welcome to my new followers.  I appreciate you all, it keeps me going and I love all your comments--Thank You.

Hugs Jackie

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog Problems

Good morning everyone, finally I think I am ready to make a post.  Right after the first of the year my blog  went crazy.  The background was too small.  I am not the most computer savvy person so I worked with it forever,  Hubby said he would help, but me being just a bit....stubborn said no I'll do it myself.  Well finally I did listen to him and got it back to normal, I think.  

I want to share with you some things I made for my sis and daughter for Christmas.   I made them both a fabric pin.  The photo is of my mom and dad, one I have always liked. 

My sis is redecorating her bedroom in more of a primitive decor, so I wanted to do something that would go with her room.  This is what I came up with.

Also made her this pincushion.

My daughter is a bit of a minimalist, doesn't like a lot of things sitting around or any clutter at all, I made her this wall hanging.  The little locket has a picture of her husband and daughter in it.  

This is what my sis made for me.  I love it, she calls it  "Life".

I really enjoyed Christmas this year.  I loved getting back to the basics and making most of my gifts for people.  I have been very busy getting new things ready for the booth at the antique mall.  Got all the Christmas out and thinking ahead to Spring.  I am going to try and add more to Etsy as well, I have really neglected it.  

The weather today is beautiful, we had a couple of really cold days with about  1 1/2" of snow.  That small amount of snow really caused a mess on our roads here in Missouri, but now it is all gone and is suppose to warm up even more this week.  Everyone enjoy your Sunday and those of you who are off for MLK day on Monday.

Hugs Jackie


Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year

Out with the old and in with the new.  Sounds kind of harsh but I love change and am ready for the new year and whatever it may bring.  I am always ready to take down the holiday decorations and get the house back to normal and get the new year started.

I finished this up just before Christmas.   In this new year I want to open some new doors.  This is  a bit of a new direction for me.  I am looking forward to taking some new classes this year and trying some new things. The photo image in this assemblage is from Land of Nod.  She looks like she could open doors!

Hopefully I will be able to improve on my blog as well.  I have cleaned and reorganized my art was a disaster after the holidays.  Everything feels new and fresh, ready for all those changes.   I will have photos in my next post of some of the gifts I made for sis and daughter and the gift my sis gave me.

Hugs Jackie