Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This sure doesn't look like Spring to me, but I guess Mother Nature doesn't really care when Spring is suppose to be here.  It is pretty.

I  have been working on this piece for awhile now.  It is a record cover.  I did a collage on it but decided it really needed some help so I started adding a little lace some old satin and some tags.  I put a bit of bling on the lace at the bottom.  The satin came from an old wedding dress. The bottom skirt came from the same old dress.  I love using old fabrics

My Sis and I are going to Kansas City the first week in May to do some antiquing.  We are really looking forward to going to River City Antique Mall.  Last time we were there we went at the end of the day on our last day of our trip. We were too tired to see it all.

I want to thank Anni and Dorthe for visiting my blog.  Your comments were appreciated, 

Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beautiful Day

Yipeeee!!  It is sunny and 65 today.  I thought the clouds would never leave.  The sun really gets my creative juices flowing.  Can't wait to get in my studio.  I have this blue door plate that I want to do something with.  Been thinking about it for days so I,m going to work on it today.

My sister loved her book, now I can share it with all of you.  Birds again, I love birds and flowers.   The book has places she can write down a thought and add pictures. I've added  pockets to stick things in.  I put some small decorated envelopes in the pockets to use as well.  It is loaded with lots of old lace and trim. 
I wanted to stay with the bird and nature theme so it has bits of bark, sticks and feathers.

I have been watching the crisis in Japan, my heart goes out to all the people over there.  I am in awe at how they help each other without the chaos and fighting we see so often when these tragedies occur.  They are a beautiful people, I believe we could all learn from them.  Hope everyone has a beautiful day.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bird Collage

Finally finished the fabric book I have been workimg on for my friend, my sister.  Just before I started the book I did a collage with a bird, guess Spring is really on my mind.

Tomorrow my husband Michael and I are going to my sister's for my nephew's 16th Birthday.  I am going to give her the book then.  I will be able to share photos of it on my next post.

Just had to share these pictures of my grand daughters.  The first one is of Maggie and her Daddy ready to go to the Father Daughter Valentine Ball.


This one is of Gypsy and Emily and Daddy ready to go to the Father Daughter Princess Ball.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The weather here in Missouri is gloomy, but mild.  Can't wait for Spring to get here.  It's been a long cold Winter.  Today I decided to make what I call a fabric gift book with pockets to stick things in  and small places for them to write on and of course vintage photos.  There is nothing I like to do better than make a project to give to a friend.  Here are a few of the fabrics I am thinking of using.  Seems I always lean towards the creams, browns, greens and a splash of red.  All my favorites.

Tomorrow my sister is coming down and we are going to go to some of our favorite antique malls and a couple of antique shops we have never been to. We are  always looking for old things to use on our projects   She lives about an hour away from me so our trips are always great fun.  

Yesterday I worked on this collage.  I am going to hang it with the piece of satin laying at the top.  Hope everyone has a great day.  Let's all wish for Spring and maybe it will happen sooner.