Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This sure doesn't look like Spring to me, but I guess Mother Nature doesn't really care when Spring is suppose to be here.  It is pretty.

I  have been working on this piece for awhile now.  It is a record cover.  I did a collage on it but decided it really needed some help so I started adding a little lace some old satin and some tags.  I put a bit of bling on the lace at the bottom.  The satin came from an old wedding dress. The bottom skirt came from the same old dress.  I love using old fabrics

My Sis and I are going to Kansas City the first week in May to do some antiquing.  We are really looking forward to going to River City Antique Mall.  Last time we were there we went at the end of the day on our last day of our trip. We were too tired to see it all.

I want to thank Anni and Dorthe for visiting my blog.  Your comments were appreciated, 

Have a great day.


Julie Anne Cooper said...

sewing collages are my new favorite thing. Love this one. It made me smile this morning

cmoh said...

Wow your collages are lovely! So intricate, I see something new each time I look at them.

looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

bes53913 said...

First of all, LOVE the photo in your banner! And second, your collage work is lovely and cozy and inviting. You taught yourself well!

bockel24 said...

I´m sending rays of sunshine from Germany as we´ve had such a wonderful Spring day here today! Tomorrow the rain will be back, but hey, that´s the perfect time for stamping or collaging ... Hope Spring will come to you soon!

Pandora said...

Good Morning just visiting from Alpha Stamps. Love the fabric collages you sure have found some real treasures to add!

Mary said...

Hi, found you through Alpha Stamps and have enjoyed looking at your blog. The snow scenes seem familiar since I live in Minnesota and just about the time most of the snow was gone from my yard we had another snow storm last week. Now the melting process has started all over again. I'm looking forward to an end to snow for this year.

donnajean said...

Hi - Found your site through Alpha Stamp Blog hopping - glad I did. i love all the vintage lace - a passion of mine.

Dorthe said...

Oh this is a wonderfull piece-like a little fairitale, full of things to experience- so beautifull, with the tags, "looking" out from the opening.
Hugs, Dorthe
And you are so very welcome, I love being here.

Artfully Musing said...

Lovely work. Just stopping by from Alpha Stamps to checkout your blog. Laura

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Your work is just beautiful. I plan to come back to closely examine each page of these vintage fabric collages. May I "borrow" some of your ideas? :) I am just beginning to journal and use a bit of sewing here and there. I shall be a frequent visitor to see what you're up to.