Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh, How Time Flies

My gosh, time has really flown by.  I have been so busy lately.  Sis and I just got back from a trip to Kansas City and before that I was frantically trying to get things done for the antique booth and a birthday present for Sis and Michael and I stained our upper deck.  Today I am going to try to get most of my pots planted for the deck.

We had a great time in Kansas City.  While we were at one of the shops in St. Joe we found out about a huge flea market in Sparks KS.  So off we went to find it.  An adventure in it's self.  The GPS  said there was no such place.  Finally stopped in a tiny town and I mean really tiny, wide spot in the road, at a little place called Ed's Station.  Not a gas station, just a little garage that reminded me of our Dad's old garage.  Inside 2 old gentlemen sitting in chairs visiting, that also made me think of how Dad and his brother used to sit and talk.  Really took me back in time and I loved it.  I asked where Sparks KS was and one of them said well you are headed in the right direction, just go 2 miles on down the road and when you see all the traffic you are there.   Finally we arrived and oh what fun we had.  Over 400  vendors and so many bargains.

The next day we went to the West Bottoms in Kansas City and more fun was had.  So many shops here, we spent the whole day.

This is what I made my sister for her birthday.  I call it the Family Tree.

The pictures are of our Great Aunt Belle and our Grandma Porter.    I want to share a piece that my Sis made for the booth.

Here a a few pieces I got finished.  I love using old book covers, as you know, so I really enjoyed creating this.

The last piece I want to share today is called Family Circle.  Something a little different for me.  Found this great piece of wood, just had to do something with it.

Enough for today, time to get started planting flowers.  Hope you all have a great day.

Hugs, Jackie