Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring showers

The weather has been so pretty here, then came a cold snap and rain.  I am not complaining we needed the rain, but I was really enjoying the summer like weather in March.  I don't have much in the way of a garden here as it is all rocks and not much dirt, but I do have a small garden next to the house.   Mostly hostas  since it is shaded most of the day.  The azalea is blooming and so pretty and my Japanese Maples are really pretty right now.

 This Bridal Wreath bush is one of my favorites.  Growing up we lived next to a circle park and the whole park was circled with these.  They were beautiful in the spring.  Mine is still really small.

Love this old rusted bike.  I think I will plant  a Mandeville vine to grow on it this year.

Then came the cold snap, didn't hurt any of the plants but was a shock to my system.  The lake was really pretty in the mornings.

Our daughter and grand daughter came down last week end for a couple of days.  Maggie wanted to go fishing, she got a new fishing pole.  She graduated from the small pink one to a real one.  She loves to fish.  We didn't catch anything but had a great time.  Grandpa loves to go fishing with her.

Mom was getting out of the way of her casting her line, she is really pretty good at casting.

Not sure which one is the kid.  They were both watching the fish swim around the dock.  Guess this was the best vantage point for watching.

Maggie and I spent some time in the studio.  She made some pretty bookmarks for her books, she loves to read.  I did manage to get a piece finished when they went home.

Have a great weekend.  We are expecting more rain and possibly some storms but it is warm again.

Hugs Jackie