Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bird Nests

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to share a little from my trip.  One of the best things I found were these bird nests.   My Sis and I stopped in a shop called Old Geezers Mantiques.   Bought a couple of old books and saw these bird nests sitting a box.  I ask the Old Geezer how much they were and he said I could have them, but he had to tell me a story about them.  Won't bore you with the story but they were worth it.   Aren't they great?

We also went to tne River Market Antique Mall.  So much fun, four floors of antiques.  We spent several hours here.  Sis found some old photo albums for a class we want to take from Dispatch From LA.  I found a lot of old sewing items to use in my collages.

While I was taking pictures of the bird nests our little dog thought she had to get into the picture as well.  So here she is.  She is a Mugin.  Half Min Pin and half Pug.  Her name is Cricket and she lives up to her name.  Jumps all the time and runs never walks where ever she is going.  Soooo spoiled.

Have a great day. 

Hugs, Jackie


Dorthe said...

Dear Jackie-
I love your neste,-I`m alwayes looking for abandoned nests on my property, and sometines I`m lucky :) never found one as great as the one on the branch.
Your Cricket looks so sweet,too-
Hugs and happy week-end,

indybev said...

I love the bird nests. They are a great addition to our collection of "egg art" at Three Muses this week. Thanks for joining us!

Fabric Art said...

Such a cute little dog Jackie, of course she must also have her picture on your blog.