Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Booth

 Hello everyone I wanted to share some photos of my sister and I's booth.  We are still working on some new things to put in it.  Hope to get some furniture painted to add to it.  Right now we are focusing on Christmas.

I just finished this .  I thought the picture of the two girls at the piano was so pretty.  I could imagine them playing in the parlor for their parents.

The weather here is very November like today.  I am enjoying it, love the change of seasons.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving, we always have the  tree up by then.  The birds are really hitting the feeders now...and the squirrels.  My husband put up a squirrel feeder for them and I filled it with corn, but they like the bird seed better I guess.

It's getting late so I am off to bed.  Hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday,    

Hugs, Jackie


The English Romantic said...

Love your booth, I would be happy shopping there. It's been very mild here in my part of England, but the trees are just starting to look beautiful in there Autumn colours.
Smiles, Angela.

Evy said...

Wwaaahhhh which magnificent stand, that candies for eyes and which soft atmosphere for Christmas! I like your new creation with this girl in the piano, it is a very attractive case!

Tenderness dear Jackie

Dorthe said...

That is a fantastic booth, dear Jackie, so many gorgeous things, How I wish I could visit!
And your collage is so beautiful, also, I wish you luck with selling :)

Lululiz said...

The booth is looking great! I can see some gorgeous collages on the wall, they are fabulous. I bet they won't be there for long.

Fabric Art said...

Wonderful booth you and your sister have Jackie, and I see a lot of amazing collages, your new creation is so beautifully made, love the image.
Hugs Anni

suziqu's thread works said...

Jackie...the booth looks so gorgeous and I'd love to see all of those collages up close. It all looks so inviting. I wish you heaps of luck!
I also love the newest collage - so pretty.