Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yesterday was a beautiful 70 degrees, got up to 41 this morning.  I sure will be glad when the weather gets itself straightened out!  Good day to be in my studio.  I have been working on a fabric collage all week.  Really struggling with it, sometimes an idea that felt so right falls apart.  I will finish it this weekend, I know I will, I know will. 

Took some time out to make some fun stuff.  Pretty Spring tag and a couple of dolls from lace.   I think I will  add a little more to the dolls.  I saw the dolls in a Somerset magazine and just had to try some of my own.  Lots of fun to make.

I am getting excited about the Kansas City trip.  Staying close to the Plaza this time.  All  kinds of shopping.  We are taking one day to go to Weston, MO.  Lots of shops and antiques, should be lots of fun.

Have a great weekend.



Dorthe said...

Hi Jackie-I love your lace dolls- so whimsy and sweet.And your spring tag is so very lovely--here the weather also jumps from nice to bad COLD--I so hope -like you- it will soon be warmer for more than one day !When are you off to Kansas ? I wish you a wonderful tour.xo,Dorthe

Kathy said...

Hi Jackie~
Nice to meet you, found you while blog are an amazing artist.

Gaby Bee said...

Your lace dolls are enchanting!