Friday, April 22, 2011


I want to wish everyone a happy Easter.  Hope it doesn't rain in your part of the country.  We are suppose to get rain and sever storms for the next 5 days.   The saying here is that if it rains on Easter Sunday it will rain 7 Sundays thereafter. 

Looks like Hop a Long bunny is watching the little bunnies trying to hide one of his big purple eggs in my lace basket.  Happy Easter!!



Dorthe said...

Happy easter to you,too-Jackie,
your lace basket,looks so very beautiful,-and I surely hope you will not have rain today,dear--can`t bear 7 sundayes with rain-can you? :)

Gaby Bee said...

I wish you a nice Easter, Jackie!

Hugs, Gaby

Candy said...

I had to click to enlarge to see all the wonderful laces and crocheted pretty. And as far as rain, with the drought & fires here in Texas we'll take anything that you can send this way. Thanks for joining my following friends and I enjoyed scroll through all your lovely collage creations. It's it fun?
Happy Easter Blessings ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jackie, Happy Easter to you too! Thank you for visiting my blog this morning. Rain here too!

About those paper can't make just ONE! They're like potato chips! Enjoy!

Hugs, Diane